Women’s Clinic

Women in 21st Century have many hats!

Usually women are the pin that holds relationships and families together yet, we do not recognise we are under enormous strain until we start to crack! We are all individual and have different weaknesses and tipping points, these points present in different forms.


For example; I commonly help women who are having stomach problems, bowel problems, headaches, hot flushes, recurrent Candida infections, nightmares, visions, bad dreams, and urinary infections.

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The 3 D’s – Death, Divorce, Disease

As life progresses, our emotional needs are not looked after or dealt with. Commonly I come across women who have simply parked their anger, disappointment, sadness, tragedy, illness and got on with their life until symptoms start to invade their lives.


Could you think of a situation that could make you want to hit out or cry easily?


Quite simply “antidepressants mask the problem”!

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Cancer is all around our communities – I can offer help and practical advice at all stages of treatment and can communicate with your GP or Consultant. Homeopathy can help reduce the side effects of cancer treatment and can make a valuable contribution to the care of cancer patients.


I am able to help women of all ages.


Initial Consultation

Initial consultations are often 1.5 hours in length. I ask that wherever possible documentation be brought with family history already completed, this helps when the case is complex. (See printable documents)


Follow-up Appointments

These are usually 30 – 45 minutes in length. I often hear “I feel as though a huge weight has been lifted from me”.