If you come to my clinic in Caversham, you can expect the initial consultation to last 1.5 hours.


If you live locally to Reading I am able to visit you at home. In that time I will ask you for a detailed account of your symptoms, your medical history and what you are like as a person. Homeopaths need this information to determine the cause and possible triggers of your illness, and to treat you as an individual. You will then be given a remedy to take based on your specific symptoms, which will be a small pill or in liquid form.


Follow-up consultations will typically take place in 3-6 weeks to assess changes and improvements. The number of consultations will depend on what type of illness you have and how long you have had it.


Home visits can be arranged in certain circumstances.

Please call or email me to arrange your initial consultation.

Lucy Homeopath Caversham: 07917 163112.

All fees include prescriptions and email contact between appointments.

Consultation Type
Adults, Children and Babies: Initial Consultation
Adults, Children and Babies: Follow Up Consultation
Acute Case Taking