Children’s Clinic

Homeopathy is gentle and without toxic effects. It can be used for children who experience both minor problems and ongoing chronic complaints.


I enjoy working with children; it is my experience that children respond very well to homeopathic treatment. Many parents are sourcing a gentler approach to their children’s health if possible.


When you bring your child to my clinic I will look in detail at the presenting symptoms, but, also consider the history of the complaint and your child’s health from conception to the present day.


Homeopathic remedies will be given based on the whole picture. Explanation will be given to the child and supervising adult why this selection has been made. I believe in taking the best of all medical systems to benefit your child. I am able to recommend other therapies if needed.


My ultimate goal is to return your child to a natural state of health; to be well, with vitality and have a strong immune system.

FAQs regarding our Children’s Clinic

What can I expect at a consultation?

The homeopath will want to know all about your child, she will take a detailed history from conception to the present day and will listen attentively to all your concerns. The first appointment will last from one to one and a half hours.


On the basis of this initial consultation a treatment program will be made and homeopathic remedy prescribed. You would normally be asked to return either the following week or in about one month’s time to assess progress and adjust treatment. This interval depends upon whether symptoms are more acute or more longstanding or recurrent. Subsequent appointments last about 30 minutes.

Can I contact the Homeopath between treatments?

Yes – I would prefer to have contact via text message or email between appointments; this means I have time to look at your notes and consider a response. If I am away my practice you are able to contact The Society of Homeopaths Helpline 0845 074 2799.

I don’t live in the area. Can my child still benefit from treatment at the clinic?

This depends on the wellness of your child. In some cases phone and Skype consultations are possible; I need to see the patient at the first consultation.