Teen’s Clinic

Teenagers in the 21st Century, we thought we had a complicated life in the 20th Century!

How different things are today, our teenagers have pressure put upon them from the TV, magazines, text messages, emails, instagram, their phone, their parents, their schools, especially when changing schools with limited places, their universities with high grade criteria, their part time job, their full time job.

There are many different dynamics teenagers live in today, they could have sick family members, suffered a death in the family or have separated parents!

Teenagers have a knack of hiding or masking their symptoms and problems.

Add to this a list of vaccinations, BCG, HPV, MMR, travel vaccines etc, all at a time when the teenage body is going through the biggest changes of its life.

I commonly see “never been well since puberty”. I have also helped young teenage girls who are struggling to go to school after a shock or trauma, who are fatigued and overwhelmed by life or over study. Acne in teenage boys is more and more common and dreadful when it gets worse not better after conventional treatment.

Some of the other problems that I encounter are: menstrual problems, SPOTS OR ACNE, urinary problems and headaches.


Patient confidentiality is a priority, there are several options depending on the age of the teenager; some may want their parent or guardian with them, some may not, I may ask to speak to the teenager alone for some of the consultation which would be arranged and discussed before the appointment began. The patient must be comfortable with the arrangement. I am also able to go to the home of the teenager if required.